How Can We Service You?

We’re Solvent

Solvent (sol·​vent | ˈsäl-vənt) (noun): something that provides a solution or eliminates something unwanted

Over A Decade of Experience Providing Expert Solutions to Eliminate Unwanted Business Problems.


Our Process

We Know It Works

Research & Analysis

We take the time to provide all of our clients a free 30 minute consultation to discuss the ins and outs of their business or project. This allows us to carefully research and analyze their problem and provide an expert solution to it.

Roadmap planning

After proper research, analysis, and initiation of an approved solution or set of solutions, our team develops a tailored project plan to ensure that all components of the solution implementation are considered before executing. This helps to mitigate in potential roadblocks in the process.

Execute & Monitor

We take pride in producing a calm during the execution of our solutions. With the strategic time that we spend on research, planning, and implementation, we are always able to assure our clients that we are executing with precision. In the rare evet that something goes wrong, we are always monitoring and able to catch troubles before they cause unfavorable results for our clients.


Our strategically planned consultation and Coaching sessions aid small businesses in developing their company or individuals, their life skills toward an intentional mission, vision, or unique goals.

Business Consulting Solutions

  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Development Panning
  • Project Initiative Consulting

Individual Coaching Solutions

  • Life Coaching & Counseling
  • Career Readiness Development
  • Goal Setting & Planning


We build partnerships & constantly develop ourselves to provide various products, training and services in the area of Technology, Administration, Branding, and Finance

Training Solutions

  • Microsoft Office
  • Windows OS Basic Training
  • Access Database Usage
  • Quickbooks Usage

Products Solutions

  • Hardware Media Purchasing
  • Software Brokerage & Acquisition
  • How-To-Manuals & Guides

Service Solutions

  • Human Resources Management
  • Financial Book Keeping
  • Technology Support & Consulting
  • Streaming Event Management
  • Administrative & Executive Services


Speaking to others about purpose, destiny, and intentionality is a part of our purpose, and passion. We enjoy the opportunity to provide tailored seminars, series, and other speeches on various topics.

Common Speaking & Seminar Solutions

  • Faith-Based Events
  • Not-For-Profit Events & Fundraisers
  • High School & College Graduations
  • College & Career Fairs
  • Youth-Serving Organizations
  • Corporate Teambuilding Events
  • Group Home Facilities
  • Funerals & Sacred Occasions


    How your business looks is as important as the quality of the services or products you provide. We provide full service branding, design, and public messaging services so your business image looks as good as your mission. 

    Branding & Design Services

    • Web Design Services
    • Logo & Graphic Design
    • Flyers
    • Memorial Videos & Informercials
    • Event Programs & Obituaries



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    Mailing Address

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